• Eating Out: The Open Weekend

    Eating Out: The Open Weekend


    To celebrate 8 years together, my boyfriend and I finally managed to get away on holiday up to Bendigo for three days. Not our most productive trip, we didn't even get to the gold mine, Golden Dragon Museum or the Science and Technology Museum. Terrible work on our part. We did see the Elvis exhibition (the straight drag high camp of his Las Vegas bodysuits is worth the price of entry alone) and attend a drag bingo. My first time!…

  • Man Hunt

    Man Hunt


    I can't get past Joan Bennett's accent. Before that, this is a tonally odd but engaging chased by the Nazis movie. Walter Pidgeon is frequently called the most British man imaginable but he's badly miscast (give this to someone like Rex Harrison who could make this upper class ass more than lip service). George Sanders sounds staggeringly English as a German Nazi officer but he's by far the most entertaining and engaging presence in the film so I forgave it.…

  • Born to Raise Hell

    Born to Raise Hell


    The swell of joy I felt upon hearing Elizabeth Purchell introduce herself at the start of this episode of Ask Any Buddy. Hearing her use the dead name on the past few episodes has been kinda painful but hearing the true one was very moving and brave. It can't have been easy to come out as trans when so much of her work is about gay male pornography and it's just cool and makes me so emotional, so major shout…

  • While the City Sleeps

    While the City Sleeps


    While The City Sleeps may be an overwhelmingly cynical and mean film but I had so much goddamn fun. A whole bunch of fun character actors (Vincent Price, George Sanders, Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell) playing scheming, backstabbing assholes, constantly undermining one another while never far away from a drink or a smoke. Total delight. What it says about American journalism is very dark but given where we're at right now, I genuinely didn't think it was that remarkable.…

  • M



    The one good thing about my painful wisdom teeth requiring emergency surgery was that I could actually go to the first Fritz Lang double at the Cinematheque. My actual scheduled appointment meant I was going to have to skip it but thankfully very much on the mend so was able to rewatch a film I remember being very powerful.

    And it is, eventually. On a note at the start of the screening, it's stated the film had to be restored…

  • The 3rd Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    The 3rd Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special


    Not my favourite of the On Cinema Oscar specials, feels more of a steady level of chaos than a build up towards a climactic explosion. Perhaps better in clips and moments than an entire sitting ('Call Me Ayaka' and the way the rest of the show calls back to that via Tim's incessant ringing phone a notable exception). I also think Gregg's Hobbit obsession is underplayed a little here given it was the year the last one came out (still…

  • The Canterbury Tales

    The Canterbury Tales


    Before we get into the film proper, I have to mention this because it will always be my primary takeaway from this film. In The Canterbury Tales, you get to see Tom Baker's dick for an extended period of time. Yes, the Fourth Doctor in all his frontal glory. Made just 4 years before he debuted in Doctor Who, he looks identical and it was weird and distracting. I will note, the version shown at the Astor was in Italian…

  • The Decameron

    The Decameron


    I first saw The Decameron when I was in University and I was taken with it's incredible horniness. Pasolini's film is one of the most erotic films I've ever seen, featuring explicit sex in a playful, almost farcical manner. But it's also notably free. Sex in this film is uninhibited. Where repression would usually rear it's ugly head forcing a return to traditional values, the film rejects it. The horny nuns contrive a miracle so they can keep getting fucked.…

  • Falconhead II: The Maneaters

    Falconhead II: The Maneaters


    "I would never lose my hard-on if I could smell the fragrance of you on my fingers."

    The version I saw was heavily cut down, removing most of the film's darkest moments and chopping off the entire ending. Managed to find the full version and watch those scenes and it completely transforms the film's meaning. Very annoying.

    Anyway, mostly loved this. A darker, kinkier gay porn with STUNNING lighting and costumes. Most of the scenes with the trans Cenobites are…

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    As we were living, one of the group of 40 year old men said loudly "that was the stupidest fucking movie I've ever seen." Seems like an odd complaint to me given my big issue with this is how standard it all seems. There's nothing especially revolutionary about the plot, following similar beats to Conan The Barbarian and The Lion King.

    It rarely ascends to the heavy metal coolness it should, only in the darkly lit night time scenes or…

  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

    The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


    Way more subdued than I thought it would be. Cage rarely gets to go full Cage, reserved for those moments where he's interacting with his younger self (especially that elongated and hilarious Nick Fucking Cage). And the story is never as reflexive or smart as you want it to be, relying on cliche and obvious conclusions. Servicable action. Strangely the film is largely stolen by supporting performances, especially Sharon Horgan who gets most of the really big laughs. Mandy was a better showcase for Cage's very specific talents.

  • Big Bad Mama

    Big Bad Mama


    Only worth watching for Angie Dickinson who commands the screen. Protector of her kids, owner of her sexuality and willing to do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe, especially if that means kicking ass. She's not a perfect person but she's so cool anyway. The film, however, is pretty boring. Episodic with the whiny daughters, Tom Skerritt and William Shatner and never really going anywhere particularly interesting. Hillbilly soundtrack doesn't help matters. Still, final shootout is fun and has a neat downer ending.