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  • Squid Game

    Squid Game


    Squid Game. The global streaming phenomenon. Squid Game. The one show you're sick of hearing about every day. Squid Game. The name you've heard so many times that it's beginning to sound even weirder and sillier than it did when you first heard it.

    Semantic satiation aside, this likely isn't the first time you've heard of this viral hit from South Korea, Netflix's most popular show of all time. This thoroughly engaging mini-series chronicles 456 players, or contestants in a…

  • Tenet



    Still love this film as much as I did when I first saw it. Keep supporting real filmmaking like this. Still extremely sad about not being able to see this in theatres, leave alone IMAX. Still suffers a little from generic climax fight syndrome, think of all the other possibilities they could've had with time travel involved.

    The most beautiful train wreck you'll ever see. Could have used a bit more cut and polishing as well as a better written…

Popular reviews

  • Mr. Bean's Holiday

    Mr. Bean's Holiday

    This film is great, y'all are just afraid to admit it. I raised my rating because I love this film so much. It has no flaws. NO FLAWS!

  • Devil



    Okay so I saw this with friends on Saturday night, after trying to see 'In the Tall Grass' and deciding it was collectively not for us, and not fit for that night after seeing about 15 minutes. So we came across this and my mate put it on without telling me and I remembered this film I came across on Letterboxd featuring Logan Marshall Green part of a now abandoned series based off of M. Night Shyamalan concepts barely worthy…