Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

it's hard not to compare this film with CMBYN, even tho both of them are incomparable. both films focus on relationships where the participants are perfect for each other. CMBYN because they are good, and this because they are not. both slowly reveal these characters, who are not only a mystery to the other characters in the films, but to the audience as well, with small tense moments of unanticipated reactions. both use camera movements and location shooting to establish a setting that is itself a character. both end tragically and beautifully to show that love, however dysfunctional, is always worth experiencing if the love is true. paul and luca are not only the best male filmmakers out there right now, but they're two of the only true allies setting a good example for men wanting to go into an industry overwrought with shitty dudes.

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