Midsommar ★★★★½

ari aster “can i make this” checklist:

✅ grief screaming
✅ cults and cult imagery
✅ central female character burdened by family trauma
✅ unexpected family death that kickstarts the main plot line 
✅ a disbelieving husband/boyfriend who doesn’t get it until it’s too late
✅ head smashing 
✅ flies buzzing
✅ weird sex stuff and/or nudity
✅ “all hail [insert name here]”
✅ having bad things happen to you while on drugs
✅ crowns
✅ triangular worship dens
✅ some weird book everyone decided to follow
✅ making corpses into a nasty art piece

in short this was a lot like hereditary’s swedish cousin and i love it for that! i’ll take more of these weird hyperfixations mr aster!