Hipsters ★★★

I didn't expect that this movie is quite popular among the not russian auditory, and they even like it. To me (a russian) "Hipsters" is great and funny in some moments, and also it is sometimes caricaturic. The songs weren't written for the movie, that's why in my opinion they aren't suitable for some scenes. But it doesn't make "Hipsters" worse, as well as main character's play doesn't, which is, honestly, weird, especially at the begging. But again! I can't help loving this beautiful and naive movie. Very easy-going and intriguing. (I was wearing the same style clothes as they do for a week after the watching.) "Hipsters" is a great comedy about self-searching and stereotypes, about the ideological and political restrictions and how the young people of that time period who are eager to be free as well as to be understood, color their lives brighter with the help of friends, lovers, and jazz.

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