Persona ★★★★

Bergman's intrepid venture into the avant-garde left me reeling from a near indescribable kind of melancholy, a dark and deeply penetrative wistfulness as violent as it is tender. Every moment is an unrelenting inundation of yearning and grief, ceaselessly weathering once callous edges into erosive retreat. PERSONA blanches and floods the soul just as it does the screen, only breaking for mere moments of reprieve. A breath here and there, a fracture that finally begets a breakage -- intense, ephemeral bouts of disembodiment that ultimately remind the viewer just how onerous and consuming Bergman's spell is. Just as his Ullman and Andersson drift into one amorphous essence, so do we. Convention is suspended as we, too, are consumed when they broach fantasy and dimension to address us with a gaze or flash.

PERSONA is a beautiful enigma, a disjointed and experimental study in aspiration and identity that speaks volumes despite Ullman's prevailing silence.