Alps ★★★

This was super weird, just as I expected from a Yorgos film, but it was also somehow super forgettable. I already forgot that I watched it twice since I watched it a couple hours ago and I'm really not sure how that happened. 
In terms of the technical aspects, I can't really fault it for it's direction as it was all very intentional and well done for what it wanted to do, but it did seem a bit less refined in this than in some of his later movies. The writing was pretty good for the most part, but there were some moments where it felt a little too empty where it was trying to be more naturalistic than it needed to be. The acting was all pretty good, but it was Yorgos acting, so it almost doesn't count at all. 
I'm really not that sure about this. It's super unique and definitely interesting and thought provoking, but it's very forgettable at the same time. 

TL;DR - That feel when the oral is so bad that you laugh uncontrollably

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