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  • Viridiana


    A tale of sexual vanity, earthly vanity and divine vanity battling it out. Buñuel’s fairly cynical position is to chuckle at all of them from the sidelines. Don Jamie pressing his foot into his betrothed’s wedding slipper; Jorge saving the dog from exhaustion under a cart while an identical one trots by unnoticed; Viridiana defeated before the soiled French lace after the feast of the dispossessed. 

    Where does the grand European tradition of an innocent destroyed rise from? Candide? De…

  • Le Havre

    Le Havre

    There’s a series of shots in the early going that exemplifies the perfect pathos of Kaurismakï. With almost fetishistic glee, we get a series of close ups of Kati Outinen’s hands chopping onions on a speckled 1950s worktop. Each shot is a perfect still life, with Kati’s hand rendered as just another object, as interesting as the onion, the knife, the surface. Then a quick zoom on her face, conveying a pain in her stomach. Her stoicism speaks of certain…

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  • Candyman


    "I was a very sensitive child. The list of things that would have me scuttling to sleep in parents’ bed is endless. I remember standing in my parents’ driveway throwing gravel at the kitchen window while everyone laughed at Eerie Indiana on our Trinitron. Or the incredibly mild teaser for The Outer Limits that featured only a black dot increasing in size on a white background, as an ominous note played over a voiceover. That was enough to haunt me…

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi

    "I’ve already accepted that one day I will be punched. You’ve probably made the same decision yourself, but it’s likely you haven’t realised it yet.

    I’m not a confrontational person, and I don’t like to offer my opinion to people I don’t know (on the other hand, friends – and you, reading this – groan under the weight of my views). I don’t Tweet about politics and I usually kick myself later for not intervening when someone is imposing in…