2046 ★★★★★

Love is all a matter of timing.

Do androids dream of electric sheep? When Tony Leung showed up in the movie for the first time, my dad let out an audible "Awww..." If that doesn't perfectly sum up his power on-screen, I don't know what would do it better. I almost don't know how to even go about reviewing this movie, so I'm going to just go into this review flying by the seat of my pants. Wow. Wow wow wow. What a dense, meaningful, just stunning film. Wong just fucking wrecks me like few other directors can. I have sort of felt bad in some way where despite really liking In the Mood for Love, I don't feel like I connect with it as others do. I maybe find the exploration of longing and the tragedy of a love that fades away more prominent and powerful in Happy Together. Thankfully, I can now say right off the bat that what I've seen people find In the Mood for Love means for them, I think that's what 2046 is and is going to mean for me. I want to watch it again immediately, just to try to grasp at as much as I can. Even on a first watch, there's so much to take in. Repetition. The realization that distinct love can't be replicated. The fluctuation of time. How artists will incorporate the events of their life into their work. How that can be either wish fulfillment, or in some way being able to revisit a lost memory or moment. Time and love being fleeting makes the two that much more valuable. Wong does an impossibly amazing job of capturing that, both in how tragic and important that is. As I type these words out, I think that's at least in this moment what strikes me as being so powerful about this movie, and Wong's filmography as a whole. Romance doesn't have to be sappy. Relationships don't have to last until the end of time for them to be meaningful. Even a brief moment, a glance, a slight touch, it can hold all the power in the world for the right person. I apologize, as I'm now realizing this is just turning into rambling. If for some reason you adore In the Mood for Love and have yet to see 2046, make it a top priority. It's a moving film that's upsetting in all the right ways. I would almost be devastated by it if it didn't also make me smile a little.


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