A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

THIS is God!

On one hand I regret watching this later at night, yet on the other hand, is there really a different time you should watch this? So this is a weird one. I have seen this movie before. I saw it when I was about eleven or twelve. I did not like it. Of course I wasn't going to like this. It's a scary movie even by today's standards. I'm not a fan of jumpscares, likely never will be, and this has its fair share. So, now here I am about a decade later, and I am much more positive on the horror genre as a whole. Finally, it's time to give this another chance. As you can imagine, I liked it a whole lot more this time around. Craven is an expert director who understands how to get your skin crawling and your ass up from your seat. He's good with a balance of mind games and physical horror. I like Scream my fair share, but I have to give credit where credit is due for this. Even if I'm more into the original Halloween and Friday the 13th films, this is some good, legitimately terrifying shit. There's honest genius in the idea of a horror villain utilizing dreams as his realm for slaughter. Everyone has to sleep at some point. Inevitably, when you sleep, you also have to dream. So, in this world, it's not about if Freddy can get you, it's when he gets you. There's also something interesting as a theme between generations, the sins of the parents being revisited onto their children. A reckless act of "frontier justice" just puts more lives of children at stake. Englund rules, Johnny Depp is a baby face, Heather Langenkamp makes for a compelling lead, it's all carefully crafted, well-paced, and wholly unafraid to get under your skin. One two, Freddy's coming for you.


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