After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

"Surrender Dorothy!"

Would it be weird to say that this doesn't feel like a Martin Scorsese film? Because this really didn't feel like a Martin Scorsese film to me. It feels more like something the Safdies would make if they were doing stuff in the eighties. After Hours has a unique energy it brings to the "one day" movie sub-genre. It's tiring, it's absurd, and to some people, it's going to (understandably) be very, very annoying. The film's main character, Paul, is an ass. He's temperamental, he's obnoxiously horny, and even if you feel a lot for him with all of the stuff he has to go through over this "one bad night", a little piece of you in the back of your head is going to think he might deserve it. All of the meanness and consistent motion might not work for everyone, and it even bugged me at times, but I have to say I did overall enjoy the manic insomnia. (I understand those words cancel each other out, but I think it captures this movie well.) The pacing pushes the film forward a hundred miles per hour at all times, I really liked Griffin Dunne's performance, and with Marty behind the camera, the film overall has a sense of control to its madness. After Hours, to me at least, asks you to be appreciative of a normal life. Your job may suck, you might get bored pretty often, but hey, at least you're not Paul Hackett. We all wish for a little excitement sometimes. Be careful what you wish for.


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