Burning ★★★★★

Sometimes you can't see things that are right in front of you.

As I type out this review, it looks like riots are on the verge of breaking out in my city. I'm at home and a few miles away from downtown where it seems to be focused, so I should absolutely be alright. I picked a helluva time to rewatch this. I've wanted to watch Burning again more or less since I finished watching it for the first time. It's been one of those movies where I wouldn't say that it blew me away after I finished it, but as it sat with me, it continued to bury itself into my subconscious more and more. So much so that I included it in my list of the "best" films of the 2010's. Now that I have seen it for a second time, I can say with full confidence that this could, and really should, go down as one of the best character pieces of the past decade. This is an incredible movie. If you were to ask me, being fully honest, I think this is substantially better than Parasite. You can absolutely read this as a metaphor for class struggles, but I think there's even more going on here that you can attempt to analyze. You can view it as being about obsession. You can look at how it explores gender dynamics. I think you can even make a case for how it looks at sexuality. No matter what you would want to do with this movie, I think it's just phenomenal. Shot beautifully, a haunting score, commanding lead performances, I love this thing, and I really hope later in movie history that it's recognized as the masterwork that I believe it is. Burn out, burn down, or burn away.


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