Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★½

Dormammu, I've come to bargain!

It's actually kind of refreshing at this specific moment in time to be able to revisit an MCU movie, and I still find that I have a good time with it. A movie can just be "good," and that's okay. Also nice to see how not that long ago, with just a few moments being exceptions, there was at least the consistency with these movies that they did, in fact, look "cinematic." I know how big of a Doctor Strange guy Scott Derrickson is, so good on a fan getting to make a movie, and you get these worthwhile moments where him being a fan with his own personal stamp to it shines through. Would be tempted to say I miss him in the director's chair for the sequel, but then again, return of the Sam. At its best, this is a straightforward and fun feature. It was interesting seeing an actor like Scott Adkins just playing a random lackey for the antagonist, and there's an extended bit of seeing him just get bludgeoned over and over by Strange's cape. Like others, I'm iffy on the casting of Swinton as the Ancient One, but for what it's worth, she gives a good performance. Mads also plays a very Mads type MCU villain, though I do wish that he could have been reserved for a character whose main attribute wasn't "His eyes look fucked up." I say this while knowing that, since the multiverse is now seemingly the new bread and butter of the MCU, anything can happen, and anyone can be brought back as however desired. Big fan of both whenever the film's visuals get into "bad trip" mode, a whole lot of kaleidoscopic shapes and flashy lights. Plus, though I don't think it's fantastic or anything, this has one of the few Marvel scores that I actively enjoy. Never underestimate Michael Giacchino. Sparse moments where I dare find Cumberbatch hot, and I as a whole am able to give myself over to "popcorn entertainment" mode. Again, for a cloudy afternoon, that felt good. One of the most memorable associations I have with this movie isn't even anything inside of it, but I remember when I saw it with friends in theaters, after it was over, I asked one of my friends if he needed to go the bathroom, and he said that he did, but he didn't want to use one at the theater. As he put it, "I'd rather pee in a different dimension." He meant to say "different bathroom," of course. You've heard of "Freudian slips" before, I'm sure. I'm going to then call that a "Strangeian slip."


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