Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★½

I love you too.

Was one of the few films I have left to watch on the Letterboxd Top 250 that wasn't streaming anywhere, and thankfully, my dad caught that it was playing on TCM last night, he recorded it, and we watched it tonight. Good stuff! Didn't love it, not exactly sure what it is with me and Wilder that keeps preventing me from loving his movies, but this is absolutely a film where I have trouble faulting it for pretty much anything. Has that nice snappy noir dialogue and some killer suits and hair to go along with it. I want to know how many times Walter calls Phyllis "baby" throughout the film. (Maybe I need to start doing that more, he has a way with saying it.) There's the femme fatale who seems to be even more deadly than she was letting on, a bystander who sees a little too much, and an office bromance to end all office bromances that results in a really powerful and pretty damn heartbreaking final shot and exchange of dialogue. Like I said, it's good stuff, and another oversight I'm glad to have checked off.


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