F9 ★★★★

I am in your heart.

As can be seen within my "review" of Heavy Metal, if you get badly drunk, you're going to deal with a bad hangover, which I am still in the reins of. Almost didn't go to this, as I had pre-purchased tickets for me to see this with my friend, but I have been in a similar situation like this before, and I wasn't going to let my ills keep me from seeing family. So, I buckled up, drank a lot of water, and sat down to see Dom and the others do their thing. I went into this wanting to like it, and I left it even being surprised by how much I did like it. F9 is not only incredibly fun and somehow intricate and messy in its bombastic action and open heart, I will dare say this is easily my favorite of the franchise now. The way I would describe why is that I think it is so impressive how big this movie is, and then how it manages to stick the landing with everything it is trying to do. Even if it's not a "great" movie, if I could still point out issues, I didn't really have any that got in the way of making other things within the movie work. This has the biggest action, the biggest runtime, the biggest emotions, this is a film of family, faith, and immortality, and I think it rules. Let my admiration for the film be further demonstrated by the sequence that I thought I would enjoy the least, where Roman and Tej go to space, ended up being one of the film's greatest moments to me. Roman is given maybe the film's biggest moment here when it comes to pure emotional speech-giving, and I loved it. The action that follows something so heartfelt is what makes this series so enjoyable and individualistic. Yes, this doesn't follow much "real" logic with human bodies, but like, why care when it's all being done towards something so positive and earnest? Found family, tough blood, grand reunions, I love how we are at a stage where there can be interwoven mythology into something like buff people driving cars around the world. The cameos are a celebration of all that this series has been able to build up, and the film's final moment is a major gamble, but I think it pays off because of how nicely it ties the bow into that concept of people living on after they're gone. It's like Dom said on that beach, "It's never goodbye." God is in your heart, and Dom is too. Make of that connection what you will.


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