Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★½

Turn yourself in, or may you rot and die.

Oh, okay, so cops are bastards like everywhere in the world. Glad to have that cleared up. Did not like this as much as I wanted too. A little too aimless for me, even if I understand that some of its looseness is part of the aesthetic that it's going for. Comparisons made to Zodiac are not at all out of place. The killer is an often unseen force, a spirit lurking over a world clearly in pain, and the only ones who can remotely try to do something about the increase of death are incompetent, flawed, and even outright "bad" people. Song Kang-ho has to have one of the best faces I have seen from any actor, his wide range of emotion has shown itself to be impressive in many of the films he has appeared in, and that ability he has to emit bubbling rage sometimes without saying even a single word makes itself clear here. The best word to use to describe Memories of Murder is "cold." When days get warmer like this did today, my basement makes for a nice cooler place to do work or watch movies. That may have helped blend into the green-tinted images, dour expressions, and sporadic but effective use of water to make this a sad and upsetting film. The bursts of anger we see from the detectives, the abuse they are willing to be a part of if they think it will lead to catching this killer, those are the moments that make for the most chilling parts of this film. If I remember correctly, the serial killer who was the inspiration for this film was caught not too long ago. The end of the mystery in the real world does not at all take away from the lingering mystery of this film, and how it represents the fear of the unknown and the seemingly unsolvable. I would mostly label this movie to just be "good", but I will not be forgetting that ending anytime soon.


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