Ronin ★★½

"You ever kill anybody?"
"I hurt somebody's feelings once."

A case of me really wanting to enjoy a movie, but it really doing next to nothing for me. I have lately been into these kinds of movies where they're about guys just doing their thing and doing it well. (My main takeaway from this review will be that you should just watch Den of Thieves.) I get that pretty frequently through here, but I really found next to nothing about Ronin interesting beyond some of the performances and some of the action. I enjoy De Niro and Jean Reno in most everything they do no matter how lackluster the movie they're in is. There's a really chilling and well-done scene with Stellan Skarsgard almost commits a horrendous crime just to prove a point to someone that he doesn't like them. I did enjoy that overall the violence feels mostly grounded where deaths of anyone in the film feels realistic, and the film does put into direct attention how the game being played by these criminals over a briefcase is putting a lot of innocent people at risk. Intersting concepts, a good cast, a really good title, just not a good movie to me. I'm already forgetting about most of it as I finish this review.


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