Skyfall ★★★½

What a waste of good scotch.

A good movie, but for me, almost too "good?" And I don't mean that in the way where it's great. It's more I think Skyfall is "good" in the way where "good" is the ceiling for most of it. I think I realized what it is about this film that doesn't click with me in the same way that Casino Royale and now even Quantum of Solace does: Sleekness. This is a good looking movie. Sam Mendes is a good director. You don't need me to tell you that Roger Deakins is maybe the greatest cinematographer in cinema full stop. This movie to me feels picked and cleaned and looked over in every possible way where everything does what it's supposed to, but there's then something that I think was genuinely lost in the transition to that style. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace I enjoy my fair share because of how dirty and sweaty they feel. It adds danger and a red hot touch to this version of Bond. This film meanwhile feels too cold to me. Not even cool all the time, just cold. Beyond a more than enjoyable opening sequence and that rightfully iconic Shanghai skyscraper fight, the stakes of this movie don't measure to me with the films that came before it. Bond is a man of business, and this more often than not feels like it's "business as usual" for the secret agent. However, let that be the point from which I transition to what I do like about this movie. Again, with Deakins as cinematographer, your movie is always going to look not only good, but good. Craig I like having this stubble and otherwise haggard look throughout the film. He shouldn't have this natural of a transition from budding spy to man who has to get back into the swing of things just over three movies, but it somehow works and I think it's almost fully due to how Craig is able to play this character. He's just such a good actor for James Bond, what else can I say? I'll also state that if there's one other thing in this film that I do not think is overrated, it's Javier Bardem as Silva. As much as I like Mads in Casino Royale, if we're sticking exclusively to the Craig Bonds, then Silva is without question the best villain, and even beyond that cap, also just an intriguing character played by an equally intriguing villain. As much as I don't like the Bond girl here much at all, I do also like what is done with M and Moneypenny, so maybe the female representations here balance out to being alright? Up to you. There's CGI komodo dragons, Ben Whishaw is here and he's adorable, government buildings blow up, Albert Finney fires a dope ass looking hunting rifle, don't let me thinking this isn't a great movie detract from the fact that I think it's still a good movie worth liking. If I end up liking every Craig Bond film made up to now before No Time to Die, I think that would be pretty cool.


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