The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Why'd ya spill yer beans?

Enchantment and punishment. Quite frankly, The Shining can piss off. This is how you capture creeping, crippling dread and insanity on film. The Lighthouse has so much going for it that I really do not know where to even start. Even on a television, the film still looks great. Both Dafoe and Pattinson are just wonderful in their roles, and this is about the most any film has reminded me of Shakespeare without being something adapted from the work of The Bard himself. This is Will if he was around at the time of wickies, and if he just wanted to fuck around and make a horror story about guys being dudes. As one could argue that Robert Eggers' previous film The Witch has a tinge of femininity to it, The Lighthouse would therefore be him wading into the murky waters of masculinity. Putting two men in a place that is isolated, consistently cold, and consistently wet, those men are going to be three things: Angry, maniacal, and horny. Beyond wanting to scare the daylights out of you psychologically, the film just wants you to in some way share with the pain Winslow and Wake are experiencing. Tragedy, hysteria, and even laughter and attraction are collective. Join the trance of the light, just try not to lose yourself. The critic in me really wants to find a flaw in this, and on a second viewing, I really don't think I can. What else can it be but cinema at its finest? Doodle let me go.


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