The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Y'have a way with words, Tommy.

It's been too long, old friend. Was not expecting practically from the first shot to be repeatedly asking myself "Is this my new favorite movie?" It could very likely be a case of having been a good bit before seeing this again, but yeah, this isn't the favorite but I was shocked with how many scenes and little moments there were in this thing where I was very morbidly close to considering. Likely the most immersive viewing I have had of this, where even though I was watching it on my laptop, I had my headphones on, and the already impeccable sound design of this film just completely blew me away this time. Also picked up on a few more minor acting decisions from Dafoe and Pattinson that I think now has them in a position where, again even if I would not say this is their greatest work as actors, this is now confidently the best movie I think they have been in. There is God and gay and violence and cum in this movie, that's when you know you have captured the exact vibe I want from my cinema. One of a very small selection of films where I would feel inclined to, if I had the talent and the time, break down literally every single moment in this and I think I could find something truly profound within every visual gesture and line of dialogue. I continue to love how many different readings you can get out of this film, but my favorite of the various here does absolutely have to be Winslow and Wake as a couple. It just makes too much sense to me, and this through that lens frequently makes for a phenomenal portrayal of gaslighting and the performance of masculinity. Their dynamic is getting up in each other's faces with looks and insults, always looking like they're either going to throw hands or make out, and that's how it is until the inevitable scene where, of course, they almost kiss before having a punching match. This is the best movie. The lobster scene is likely a top five all-time scene for me. I could watch it every day, and that's where I think that relationship dynamic truly shines through. I am so fascinated by how Wake looks at Winslow especially, this back and forth between disdain and what could only be described as "love," even if it's the most fucked up and unfair kind of love imaginable. Likely the greatest argument scene in cinema, and later on, I still get such a wondrous shock through the system when I hear Wake spit out "Monkey pump!" from his leathery lungs. This is a block of text to fill in the fact that if I was being "true" with myself, this review would actually be me typing "I love this movie." a hundred times in a row. So attached to what I love in art while also being something that feels so beyond me in wanting to even think about being able to replicate it and, like all of the truly great things in this world, The Lighthouse ends with a sea shanty.


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