Upgrade ★★★★½

All I needed was for his mind to break, and he broke it.

Once again, yearly rewatch quota for Upgrade fulfilled, thank you to my wonderful Letterboxd friend Keh for joining me for this rewatch. She's one of only a few people I know who like this movie even more than I do, and like she suggested at one point during this viewing, maybe one of these days I'll gradually increase myself up to five stars. We'll see. So, Upgrade yet again. On viewing number five now, though I did have to think about it, I believe I've now broken through the 8.5/10 ceiling that this has been capped at since first seeing it. Now, considering I do find it so rewatchable and lovable, that's the thing, hard to say that I don't love this movie. This is for certain the first time the opening ten or so minutes did not really bother me much at all, which I think is an integral part to why I'm now rating it higher. I really love what both Leigh Whannell does as a director and what Logan Marshall-Green does as an actor here. The crossover of talents is exactly on my wavelength, they're both just incredible with their work in Upgrade. Green continues to have given one of my favorite performances from 2018, and the finale is still flat-out one of my favorite endings from a recently released film, where it commits so much to its bit that it lands on a conclusion that's so bleak it can be hard to take in at first. But, then you think about it, and with all that came before it, it's the only way it makes sense to end this story. I think I've said that before in another review with some variations on that wording. Whatever, I'm okay with being a semi-broken record about continuing to say why this movie connects with me. This is a tech noir near-future science fiction and light horror trip into consciousness, the body, and human will. It's serious when it needs to be and silly when it wants to be as well, balancing both damn well. (Killer nanobots fired by a sneeze. How is something like that not the most delicious sci-fi camp imaginable?) Every scene has gorgeous lighting and designs without ever repeating itself, the sound from its effects to its score rock, this is a certified "Noah movie" that I will within my power keep coming back to again, and again, and again, and so on and so forth. Ctrl-Alt-Del.


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