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  • Zodiac



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    “I am not the Zodiac. And if I were, I certainly wouldn't tell you.”

    Zodiac, a movie that I would describe as a movie with two different halfs. The first half, the investigation into who is the Zodiac. The second half, a better and more successful non-official investigation by Jake Gyllenhaal.

    The first half of this movie is pretty disappointing. I find the Zodiac Killer a pretty interesting case since they…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


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    “All right! We did not die today, I call that an unqualified success”

    Inside Out, I first saw this movie in a psychology class and it was interesting to learn the deeper meaning of this film. While the ideas and setup were there, some of the execution was missing.

    Pixar always finds clever ways to describe real-world ideas that are pretty complicated. In this case it’s emotions, memories and life. I could…

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  • Joker



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    “And Murray, one small thing. When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?”

    Joker, can only be explained using one word. Brilliant. This movie is absolutely a fantastic in ever single way. 

    First off, I want to start by Joaquin Phoenix gave a completely stunning performance as Joker. From start to finish, he perfectly played Arther Fleck. He was…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


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    “As Lenin said, There is no profit in last week's fish.”

    Going into The Shape if Water, I had pretty high expectations. Around the time this movie won best picture, I watched it and really enjoyed it. However, since joining Letterboxd, I have become a lot more critical on movies.

    I love the originality of this movie as well the whole entire message of this movie. Everyone in this movie was…