Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★

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“It’s time for you to start living your life. Time to move on from your childish dreams”

Eurovision isn’t the type of movie that I generally gravitate towards. I’m not the biggest fan of comedy movies as there’s only a select few that I actually enjoy. I’ve always liked Rachel McAdams, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of Will Ferrell. I haven’t watched a lot of his popular movies like Anchorman or Step Brothers, the only movie I can think that I love is Elf. It’s also sad to know that there was a some wasted talent in supporting cast with Pierce Brosnan and even Demi Lovato. With this movie being on a foreign topic like the Eurovision Song Contest, I would have liked to have a little bit more of an explanation since I’d never even heard of this until watching this film. Of the few things I actually liked in this film include Dan Stevens character because he actually was likable and had some non-annoying character traits, and some of the song numbers were entertained to watch.

This list of negatives is longer that the positives in the case of this film, however. There could never be a good shining moment in this movie, there always had to be a joke thrown in there to ruin it. Like the one good performance that they had, there had to be a mishap that ruined it. Of course because this is a comedy, there are going to be jokes and for me, the humor just didn’t hit one hundred percent. I found the humor leaning towards more of the annoying side than the funnier side. Which obviously is going to lower my score of this film because I didn’t find myself laughing at really anything. The accents that they used were just not it, I would have rather had them speak normal than to try and have this Icelandic accent. One of my biggest problems with this movie is the weird side plot they had with the bank president and his whole motivations were just strange and not on pace with the rest of the movie. It felt like they wanted to have some drama and twist in there but it was never going to work. Overall, comedy that didn’t work for me and dragged everything else down.

Overall Rating: C-