Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

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“What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?”

Gone Girl is the end of the road as far as David Fincher’s filmography goes for now until Mank comes out later this year or sometime in 2021 (hoping for sooner rather than later) and as I finished the last film, I have to say that Fincher is definitely in the conversation for me when it comes to favorite directors. Zodiac and The Social Network being both 5 stars and personal favorites of mine as well as three 4-star all contribute to that. It seems like a trend with these last couple movies when it comes to murder/mystery/book adaptations. It seems like Fincher really found is niche when it comes to film making. I really like what this film did when it came to the story. I’m a huge fan of shows like Dateline and it seems like this story could have been taken straight from real life. Not only that but the twists and turns are incredible. Once again, Fincher uses a great score that only adds to the film. 

Rosamund Pike was scary good in this movie as Amy. Most of what we see is her in the “narrator” role but she becomes more and more questionable throughout the film in that aspect. She puts in a great performance and easily the best all around character. Her character is one of those people that is great with words, thinks everything out before doing it and is super manipulative/crazy. All of these traits make this movie what it is because of how she uses her “skills” so to say. Ben Affleck is great in this too as I’ve seen a lot of people say this is one of his best. In my mind, the only thing that really holds this film back is a couple of small decisions when it comes to the plot. I didn’t like what they chose to do with Amy’s character and I felt like it could have gone a different direction. It doesn’t hold it back too much however because of how good everything else was. Overall, a great note to end on when it comes to David Fincher.  

Overall Rating: A-

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