Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

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“I'm ending all of this. The tree, the texts, the Jedi. I'm going to burn it all down”

And here we are at, The Last Jedi, the most divided Star Wars film of all time. I lean towards the dislike side, but I don’t hate this movie. I think it does some good things when it comes to character development especially when it comes to Rey and Kylo. This movie breaks a couple of movie pet peeves for me. First, when character decisions are written extend for the sole purpose of extending the story. Example being Laura Dern’s character when she could have easily told everyone the plan, instead she doesn’t, creating conflict and a reason for Finn and Rose to go off to the gambling planet. Second, the whole reason Finn and Rose are backstabbed is because of the sheer coincidence they find a “code breaker” in their jail cell. Not the code breaker they were told to find.

Third, I understand Kylo and Rey needed to build a relationship but to have them speak through the Force across seems like a push to get the story rolling. Same goes for Luke not being there during the final battle, just seems like they invented new rules in the Force to keep the story moving. And I love Leia, but nobody can survive the vacuum of space like that, even in a movie. Once again this film does have amazing action scenes especially the beginning and end battles. It’s also beautiful at showing off the Star Wars universe with my favorite example being the the salt being red underneath the white surface. Overall, this isn’t the worst Star Wars movie and didn’t ruin this trilogy (I’ll save that for the next movie), I just wanted more from it, especially after the fantastic start.

Overall Rating: B

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