A Visitor to a Museum

A Visitor to a Museum ★★★★½

An undeniably fascinating - yet utterly perplexing - depiction of a sick, post-apocalyptic future. We follow an unnamed protagonist as he journeys through a fiery red and hazy green hellscape to an inaccessible undersea museum that no one has ever returned from. Out protagonist is gifted with knowledge - something very few people have in this dystopia - yet it is to him like carrying the burden of mankind.

There are many parallels and homages here to Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker , but this takes a more intoxicating approach, applying bitter imagery that works in coaction with the soul-stirring soundscape to create subdued atmospheric terror. This disorienting, existential fever dream constantly builds up and asks a multitude of questions until a tragically beautiful and hauntingly poignant ending that completely shook me to my core. It seems that God has abandoned this world, and all that is left amidst the dark and twisted landscape is incessant despair.

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