WandaVision ★★★½

A very good start for Marvel Studios first tv show.

I found this to be a very engaging show that subverted my expectations. I definitely expected more action or character introductions but found that the concept and pay off were well worth the time spent watching these nine episodes.

The show goes by quickly and you are constantly trying to look for Easter eggs in every scene.

I loved the fact that they were willing to bring back characters from some of the movies that may not have had a huge impact, but was nice to see them get an opportunity to continue on in this universe.

I really hoped that this might bridge the Marvel cinematic universe with the properties they got back from the 20th Century Fox acquisition, and yes, there were some references to them but not enough to satisfy the comic nerd in me.

I still think that both Elizabeth Olsen. And Paul Bettany were perfectly cast as Scarlet Witch and Vision.
I am also happy that Wanda is now using the name Scarlet Witch and has a pretty cool costume to boot.

I am excited to see where Marvel goes with these shows, especially if they are willing to take chances on ideas that maybe not everyone will fall head over heels for. It builds hope that they will be willing to give shows (as a limited event like WandaVision or a continued series) to other not so mainstream characters.

If only DC could figure out how to make movies for their characters properly. They don't need to copy and paste the Marvel way, they just need to figure out a proper way of doing it.

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