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  • City of Life and Death

    City of Life and Death


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    "中国万岁, 中国不会亡"

    How I feel during and immediately after watching City of Life and Death, emotionally drained. If we ever forget why Japan was forced into non-aggression post-WWII, let this film and many other tomes to be the gut wrenching reminders. Every scene is one we don't want to watch yet we get a front and center seat to the worst humanity has to offer. Despair and anguish is what director Lu Chuan showed anyone who would watch. Many times…

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  • See You Tomorrow

    See You Tomorrow


    Plays like Wong Kar-wai doing Stephen Chow but it's not as magnificent or as bad as you'd imagine it to be. The movie itself is glossy, pretty, enough color saturation for Wong fans to get their fix at least aesthetically. The story is episodic, focusing on each of the four or so main characters and their love lives, starring Tony Leung as "The Ferryman" to guide such lovelorn characters. Takeshi Kaneshiro in a caricature role with a audience boost filled…

  • A Bittersweet Life

    A Bittersweet Life


    Lee Byung-hun is pretty much invincible.