North Sea Hijack ★★★½

Viewed on Netflix

Watched North Sea Hijack AKA "ffolkes" (1980) in part due to the year listed on Netflix 1979, so I could add it to an ongoing list, personal challenge of watching films from the 70's called Goodbye Seventies.
This film was released in 1980.

North Sea Hijack (1980) is a Roger Moore film where Moore plays Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes, a misogynist adventure, who loves cats, needle point and drinking whiskey. His task is stop terrorist Anthony Perkins from Hijacking 2 oil rig in the North Sea in exchange for ransom.

For an action film, there is very little action. There are a lot of phone calls between the ship named Esther and the 2 Norwegian oil rigs named Ruth and Jennifer.

Still, I found Moore's performance of the very eccentric adventurer, different than anything I'd ever seen from Sir Roger Moore.