Irwan Nur Rizqi

Here while I'm away from my self loathing agenda.

Favorite films

  • Mirror
  • The Color of Pomegranates
  • Eros + Massacre
  • Daisies

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  • I Don't Want to Sleep Alone


  • Black Ice


  • Mothlight


  • Prey


Recent reviews

  • I Don't Want to Sleep Alone

    I Don't Want to Sleep Alone


    Find me a poem from this overwhelming silence. Sudden sounds as spaces between words. Bare the beauty that might emerge from the damp, desolate dungeon that they call home. Listen to the echoes that they make while closing the gap between the vast distance. Those desperate, silent notes. Each their own siren song, serenely being sung. Those poor, lost beings.


    But read me what you've found.
    Those lost laments, lusts for touches, concerning connections. Then, the sensuous serenity, solace, embrace that are born within... they are all yours as keepsakes.

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    I think it would've been more e p i c if they were doing a rap battle instead of this endless arguing idk just a thought.

    Also, don't bring Cassavetes into the conversation it's embarrassing.

Popular reviews

  • Mirai



    Imagine being a 6 y.o. going back in time to meet your 6 y.o. mom and then playing with her, sharing the same innocence and just being a child together, all day long. That would be nice. No, that would be precious.

  • The Alphabet

    The Alphabet


    This is why you parents need to watch your kids when they watch something on YouTube, because your sweet summer children might stumble upon this medieval demented edgy fucked up sesame street shit courtesy of Daddy Lynch when all they wanna do is to learn some wholesome alphabet song.