Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

What I love the most about Spider-Man movies are it's always about Peter Parker and his relationship with his surroundings. There's drama with his family and someone he looks up to, sparks of romance between him and his love interest, an always-moving relationship between him and his best friend, strange connection with the villains and connections between him and his friendly neighborhood. And then there's obstacle in his continuous come of age; a charming overcoming story to be a better friend, a better lover, a better neighbor, a better superhero. It's always a complete package with different dosages of relations. And that's why I always find myself enjoying every bit of it, though the movie itself being this generic.

We've been overstuffed by the saga and its epic conclusion. Superhero flicks fatigue is there, and we don't need another convoluted story to be shoved down our throats. So they gave us this, a light dessert with different kind of flavors in one package. Sweet romcom, cute gags, kickass actions and colorful presentation. Also, some thwip of surprises along the way.

Upgraded friendship with this *snap* easy trick to avoid the you-got-girlfriend-now-we-rarely-hangout cliche. Comedic genuineness from the eternal douche bully. Super cool villain superbly performed by Jake i-don't-wanna-be-here Gyllenhaal. Peter's naivety and his raw juvenile views about the problem he's facing. The screaming LOOK AT THOSE ACTION SEQUENCES bits. And those cute shy kisses followed by traditional swinging around the city with someone around his arm. It's a sweet closure to this superhero saga, and a naughty trick to keep us staying and even wanting for more by showing those post credit scenes. I smiled. MCU won. I don't care about the flaws. MCU won again.

...and the spider-sense has been upgraded. And the saga continues...

PS: Jake Gyllenhaal is too good for this kind of movie.
PPS: Zendaya MY GOD!

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