• Crash



    Love, sex, riot colliding at the zenith of one climactic carnal collision, as the hums of melodic death eradicate the needless sexless organisms and lay bare two desires barely hanging on to their last breath. Cronenberg discovered the new sex within the debris of near death SEXperience! (I'm sorry)

  • Oppenheimer



    Watching Tarkovsky films makes you a better filmmaker.

  • Barbie



    The majesticity (is that even a word?) of horses is beyond patriarchy. Even Ken knew it, eventually...

  • A Portrait of Ga

    A Portrait of Ga


    Greatest film of all time.

  • Viva Erotica

    Viva Erotica


    Highlight: Leslie Cheung character watching a Terayama film, Butterfly (1974).

  • Ornamental Hairpin

    Ornamental Hairpin


    The walk of life, shades of sadness in between drops of tears of joy, and the yearns for eternal summer.

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    Man, imagine going to Samara Weaving's class listening to her lecture about how giallo evolved into slasher in American cinema and we've got to dive deep from Bava, Argento, Martino to Carpenter, Craven... That would be the dream class.

  • La Notte

    La Notte


    Love has sickened, and both parties were too overwhelmed with alienation and ennui that the moment they tried to breathe life into it, it was already too late. The tragedy of the death of love was unnoticed. The desperation to relive love felt like trying to flick a flame without forging even a single spark. Only a drip of blood from a hopeless, numb thumb.

    In the dark, they dawdled. Sensual sigh led one astray. Two lips collapsed as one,…

  • Knock at the Cabin

    Knock at the Cabin


    A straightforward one from Shyamalan where the film operates with emotional earnestness, death being shown as the importance of loss rather than a vulgar shock (spoiler: and the last ones have such graceful texture to them despite how bitter they feel), and a pretty good back and forth between the present and the past with a handful of thrills in between. Dave Bautista's tough presence with such a gentle face is one of the biggest highlights. He's a real actor.…

  • L'Avventura



    Confused soul surrendered all senses, operating the trembling hand to perform the touch of humanity.

  • Le Dormeur

    Le Dormeur


    Reading Tarkovsky's Sculpting in Time allowed me to discover this gem. A perfect example of how Tarkovsky's cinema operates.

  • Innocent Vengeance

    Innocent Vengeance


    Visually bland and boring, but what interests me the most is what Rahadian does with the script by giving such anger with layered tenderness of a performance. Wong was genuinely scary, especially that scene where he was the one controlling the gun despite not handling it. He shouldn't waste his time doing obnoxious youtube pranks and start putting his real talent to good use. Also, I get Laura Basuki now. I've been missing out. So I'm gonna make it official. Here goes... Selamat malam, Laura Basuki.