Carol ★★★★

Carol or that film with the amazing cheekbones.

One of those films that smartly uses decades of cinema to turn your expectations against you. There's all these possible conflict scenarios set up, where terrible things could have happened out of selfishness, but of course people just deal with them like proper adults, adults from the 50s though, with a lot more Brylcreem and smoking.

I liked the structure of it, the story itself being essentially a blossoming lover's road trip is quite simple, what really got me was how Carol & to a greater extent Therese were used as a way of showing what society was like for lesbians and women at that time, everyone in this film was a decent person, but a product of the time they grew up in, making your own decisions as a woman was a constant miracle.

It seemed a very tactile film to me. The cigarette smoke felt physically there; the graining of the footage felt like experiencing the peaks and valleys in a fingerprint; and of course the lingering touches and looks shared by the leads. Both of whom were excellent. If there's a step up from national treasure, that might be what Cate Blanchett is.