Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

This bizarre odyssey of Mr. Oscar across Paris challenges the conception of normality - and reality! - by beautifully stepping into the land of Lynchian dreams, surreal nightmares and unconventional narratives and, as insane as it is, I'm so here for it, even if I'm too dumb to understand it fully, I'm always here for a different experience specially if it's filled with experimental resourcefulness and relentless creativity. Holy Motors baby!

We follow the rabbit hole deeper than Alice herself and along this feverish journey, amongst this eight extreme exercises in imagination - appointments, as Céline, his chauffeur, calls them -, before the limousines are parked and speaking between themselves, before chimpanzees become housewives and daughters, and even before Kylie Minogue showed up and sang her heart out, there's a long sequence where Mr. Oscar transforms into a monstrous hunchback tramp who sneaks through the sewers into a strange graveyard where headstones are carved with the name of website addresses and glamorous photoshoots take place above tombstones.

He eats flowers off the headstones, bites off a woman's fingers and even has the audacity of kidnapping gorgeous Eva Mendes! But that's not it! While holding cigarettes with his thumb and index (wtf?) he starts voraciously eating Euro bills, changes Eva into this middle-eastern burqa singing lady and proceeds to lick her bare underarm, painting her olive skin red with his tongue... and if that wasn't enough, he then takes his fully erected cock out and just cuddles on her lap and as he falls asleep - with his cock still blazing - the camera slowly fades to black...

Mr. Leos Carax let me pick your brain, please! Never have I been so goddam shocked by a scene, and that's coming from a film where nothing is bound by the rules of reality. Holy fucking Motors!

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