Films We Love: I Would Die For "Broadcast News"

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"You'll never know the pleasure of writing a graceful sentence!" 

The first time I saw Broadcast News I thought, "Where has the movie been all my life and why have I even bothered watching other movies?" It combines some of my all-time favorite things: romance, comedy, journalism, and people being really good at their jobs. This is my movie soulmate. As someone who grew up obsessed with Gilmore Girls and Aaron Sorkin, I have no idea how I let this movie fall under my radar for so long.  I love the way it's shot, I love the way it's written, and I love all the small character moments, particularly between Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks. When I used to work at a small movie theater back in my college town, I would stay after work and project this movie on the big screen and just play it on repeat while I got work done, it's one of my top five background movies (I think the art of the background movie is its own special artform). I feel like this movie is particularly slept on for fans of the romantic comedy genre, and I love introducing it to folks for the first time. 

I honestly have no idea how to talk about this movie without getting deep into minute details, describing little facial movements, specific lines of dialogue and delivery, and the tiny cracks in the actors' voices that absolutely melt me. I need all my loved ones, and maybe everyone I've ever known, to watch this so I can shake them by the shoulders and scream, "Isn't it just the best??? Why is no one talking about this? Holly Hunter, am I right?!" But until then I will continue spreading the Broadcast News gospel to anyone who will listen.

- Mikayla Nicholson

Where to watch: HBO MAX (as of 7/22/22)

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