Films We Love: Kids Just Being Kids in "Crookyln"

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"Crooklyn is not a neat package with a tidy payoff at the end. It contains the messiness of life. As it ends, the children are still children, and whatever life holds for them is still ahead. Most movies about children insist on arriving at a conclusion, when childhood is a beginning." - Roger Ebert

Being the Director of a Children's Film Festival (CFFS put on by the Northwest Film Forum!), it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to films about growing up. I love how Crooklyn takes the nostalgic coming-of-age film to a whole new level. It truly is through the eyes of a child – and not a passive one either! Little Troy goes through her summer days taking matters into her own hands and learning along the way. This Spike Lee joint is filled with warmth and humanity and features many of his signature creative choices that I am truly a sucker for (including a jarring play with anamorphic lenses and aspect ratios!). Crooklyn is a perfect summer watch! Taking place during the hot summer days of 1970s Brooklyn, the film is vibrant, loud, and lively. Spike Lee is a master at creating a tangible experience for his viewers – you can truly feel the heat, smell the smells, and get caught up in the carefreeness of the summer season.

- Kendra Sherrill

Where to Watch: Playing at the Forum, 8/3-8/6! (Tickets here!)

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