Dunkirk ★★★★★

• wow wow wow wow wow 
• i felt every emotion, it was so intense and mind blowing and i really don't know what to say 
• damn 
• nolan didn't just snatch my wig, he snatched EVERYONES
• cillian murphy really is out there ready to snatch up his oscar
• chris nolan: stop 👏having 👏 tom 👏 hardy 👏 cover 👏 his 👏 face 👏
• hans zimmer??? sorry, i only know him as the king composer
• the blonde boy in the red sweater who looked like he belonged in a tommy hilfiger ad was beautiful 
• harry was phenomenal!??!??? WIG!!!
•  "survival isn't fair"
• i really liked tom hardys character!!!!
• this was so intense i was shaking and i had goosebumps and i cried and wow
• i cried so much at end, fionn made this movie 
• the end!!!!

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