Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

I don’t really know how to review this.

I watched this because I felt like I wanted to watch something new, and I’ve been getting some Coen brothers urging recently and I’ve always wanted to watch this, so I put it on. I completely and utterly adored it. The cast is great, the direction is great, the writing is brilliant, it’s shot beautifully, everything about this movie is incredibly for me. I’m just in a really complicated spot right now I guess in my life and in my emotional state. This movie is about dealing with depression, and your anger of things out of your control, and letting everyone down. I related way harder to Llewyn than I probably should. This was really cathartic for me. It’s a film without a real structure, it meanders and mosies around, just like Llewyn, and it works, and it felt so real, and honest. This inspired me to do what I love because I love doing it.

Absolute masterpiece.

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