Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★★

I hate discourse. It bothers me so fucking much. I despise watching people see a film and immediately say to themselves "well geez, that surely was the best/worst movie I've seen in awhile AND was it as good as You're Next?!?!" Silliness. Sadness.

I despise discourse and I love Ready or Not. Wide-open, the best movie I've seen this year. There's a chaotic feminity to the lead actor that makes me crave that kind of cinema. She's not what you often hear the right-wing complain about, like a 'strong feminist icon' or something...or at least not in a pandering way. She's a fucking dork. She's me. She's me constantly running away from the metaphysical manifestation of the people in power. The people you force yourself to appear perfect in front of. You make yourself vulnerable for...what? What exactly?

She's a wonderful woman wanting for herself a traditional normal American life like anyone. But the problem is she's a weird girl in a world that does not respect weird girls. Let alone girls at all. And here she is caught up in a Baroque painting landscape where the aristocracy chases her around with fucking guns! And what if that family was doing it to protect themselves from a literal devil that gave them their old money riches inherited down to where it now lies. What if the threat was a metaphysical mental barrier where the dehumanization, murder, and confusion actually belonged to a myth that we just perpetuate? What if the reason we have a class division is because of some systemic strange myth that keeps everything together but in the most unjust way.

And what if it was the weird girl finally took them down. Just by being herself.
I feel that way about myself sometimes.