Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★½

Why don't we just get you a new wife? There's plenty women on the internet I heard.

Too soon?

This New Zealand feature is a smartly constructed quirky drama comedy. Ricky Baker, once rejected, becomes accepted when an elderly couple take him in from the responsibility of a child welfare officer. Initially, troubled young boy and gangster wanna-be, Ricky, is not too fond of his new family. An attempt of running away from home in the night only leaves him taking a night's rest in the fields about 200 metres away from the farm house. The next morning his new mom, Bella, finds him and he decides to give his new folks a chance. However, soon after tragedy strikes.

At the expense of being a tragedy, Hunt for the Wilderpeople takes the bad things and turns them into heaps of comedy. It is a lovely tale that, like Lord of the Rings, is set in the lush green fields of New Zealand that brings a boy and an old man closer together. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well yes. This film in terms of narrative, message and themes - is not unlike any other of its kind. However, it is the unique characterisations of all the characters in this film that makes it enjoyable.

You get car chases,
a few endangered species,
it is worth a watch.

Yeah-yeah, okay, gotcha. Gotcha. That's enough haikus for today.

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