Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★

“I can’t beat it. I can’t beat it. I’m sorry”.
The movie is about a child who just lost his dad having his uncle as his guardian. They gl through a bumpy ride. They create a bind between each other and get to really understand each other. Lee played by Cassey Affleck isn’t a real good parent figure as he gets drunk while Patrick really doesn’t want to be patented as he feels old enough. 
The first thing I want to compliment is how beituful the cinematography is. It’s perfect I have no idea why it wasn’t for the least nominated for that category. Every single shot is so eye catching making the film so visually stunning. Casey Affleck has an amazing performance. He is powerful he portrays the chaff year jn every way he needs to. The whole cast acting was very good, Michelle Williams did a great job as a supporting actress. The directing was great it showed the agony and pain the characters gl through. Kenner Lorergan really just shows how life is. He shows the pain the happiness the awkwardness. Yes there are awkward moments which make this movie soo relatable. 
I don’t really have many negatives, it’s a bit slow so it isn’t for everyone but to me the pacing was good as it complimented the cinematography and it’s one of those movies which you need to be in the correct mood for to really appreciate it.
Overall a must see for those who really appreciae slow paced emotionally driving movies.
Acting: A+
Directing: A-
Cinematography: A+
Script: B+
Plot: A-
Pacing: B
Sound effects: B
Soundtrack: A-
Visual effects: N/A
Entertainment: C-

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