Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

In 1982, the third instalment of the popular Friday series was released. This time, Jason returns to terrorise a group of teenagers on their vacation. Directed by Steve Miner, Friday the 13th Part III may not be the best of the series, but it's still a lot of fun, especially if you're a Jason fan.

The film takes place after the events of Friday the 13th Part 2, where we see the news of Ginny miraculously escaping from the hands of the demented Jason Voorhees. This happens while Chris and her friends make their way to a vacation house where they plan on spending some time there. Meanwhile, Jason has healed his wounds and restarted his killing spree by killing a couple in their house, and he starts making his way towards Chris' unsuspecting group of friends.

Though the plot itself isn't anything spectacular, it gives us exactly what we need from an 80's slasher film. A bunch of potential victims being stalked by a brutal killer. It works, and it provides a good platform for some nice kills.

The characters aren't really that likeable, apart from one or two, and they do feel annoying at times. This causes a problem of having the audience member not really care about whether someone gets his chopped off or not, just because they're tired of his boring shtick.

Luckily, the film makes up for it's uninspired main characters, with it's brilliant villain. There's a reason why Jason Voorhees is an icon when it comes to horror films. He may not be the smartest killer out there, but he is definitely one of the scariest. This film also marks the first time Jason dons his famous mask.

Jason is played so creepily by Richard Brooker. The way he moved was excellent, providing us with the sense that Jason is a violent, unbalanced, and desperate psycho out for blood. Dana Kimmell produces her best screams in the role of Chris. I thought she did a good job with what she was given, though her character could have been a bit better. Apart from that, nothing really stands out acting wise, as the rest of the cast was more or less what you would expect from a Friday film.

Director Steve Miner also makes his return. Though I thought he did a great job with Friday the 13th Part 2, the overemphasis on 3D in this film makes the direction very hit and miss. The tension and the build up were all good. But having every other scene shot in a way clearly modelled for 3D made for some very tedious scenes.

Friday the 13th Part 3 is not better than it's predecessors, but it's still a very enjoyable slasher with some fun kills. It's an easy recommendation for horror fans and especially fans of the series.

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