Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Two days removed and I've had a good think. I've not come to any wild conclusions.

Mmm, the movie was fine, it looked good, the start was exciting and then it plateaued out for another hour and a half. The performances were perfunctory to poor. I didn't get excited at seeing the Falcon, or tie fighters chasing it. That stuff has been done better before. The surprise appearance of a fan favourite just annoyed me for a day thinking about timelines and characters potential ages before I relented, looked it up and discovered the boring truth.

And speaking of boring truths, I think this film ultimately does a disservice to the character of Han. With all of his adventures now visualised and explained, there is something decidedly less interesting about the legacy of Solo. As in how he got his name, family history, obtained his blaster, those stupid friggin dice, winning the ship, meeting Chewie, his relationship with Lando etc... I think all of these examples were better left to my imagination. Not that I'd particularly thought about any of the above before, but you didn't need to because you trusted it would be cool. Now I'm not so sure. For example; we now know he cheated the Kessle run. Not much to brag about, it's like saying you crushed the 400 meters by running across the athletics field.

Maybe a rewatch or two and I'll chill out, but for me this was my least favourite Star Wars cinematic experience to date.

Nope, can't quite stretch to 4 stars. Ouch!