Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

My first home viewing since seeing this on the big screen confirms my fears that Solo: A Star Wars Story (a slightly worrying implication of endless future entries) is the first true dud of the cinematic series. It had to happen sometime, right? Go Team Prequel!

Alden Ehrenreich gives it a good stab and the opening three set pieces on Corellia, Mimban and Vandor-1 are entertaining enough. From there on it’s a downhill slide with the mine revolt, Kessel Run, big silly squid and utterly lifeless finale all getting a thumbs down. Clarke, Harrelson, Glover and Bettany don’t work, L3-37’s woke comic relief is weak and the inclusion of Darth Maul (and his lightsaber) is a clanger. While I understand circumstances prevailed, Dryden Vos could have been a passable baddie but having confined him to a single sterile set is an abomination.

Seeing Han’s story all laid out like this certainly kills some of the mystique his character has at the start of New Hope. Hey ho, I wonder if we get a sequel. The world deserves, no demands, another shitty CGI Jabba!