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  • Wolfwalkers



    Allow me to join in the chorus of "the animation is so good!!"

    But seriously, it can't be overstated. It is such a beautiful film that perfectly captures the essence of the folklore. There are a lot of really cool framing/split-screen scenes that really standout and highlight just how intricate the design is. This also aids in the rapid pace of the film, sweeping across the landscape and narrative gracefully, yet swiftly.

    Surprisingly, there are a few darker moments in…

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    It's good to rewatch your favorite movies. To remind yourself of the gold standard that you'll inevitably hold other films against.

    The first time I watched this was on my laptop curled up in a chair in the corner of the university library. I was in a bad relationship at the time, and I could tell this movie was going to be special. So I needed to see it alone, untainted by bad company. It moved me beyond words. It…

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  • The Clock

    The Clock


    "So don't you see, whoever makes the arrangements for people is doing pretty well for us. That's all we need to know."

    I really enjoyed this. It's like Before Sunrise but with the constraints of 1940's norms and values. Their frustrating journey through bureaucracy towards the end was so fun and frenetic. The ending was so good too with its roller coaster of emotions.

  • 127 Hours

    127 Hours


    Absolutely incredible. The cinematography, the editing, the acting, the score all swirling together into a kaleidoscopic mix of anxiety, terror, introspection, and determination. Feels like watching a classic play out from the opening moments. A completely engrossing, epic journey.

    /Jupiter in Capricorn/

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  • Pather Panchali

    Pather Panchali


    Really glad this was picked for film club, as I appreciated this more on rewatch.

    I loved watching the sibling dynamic in this. For me, this is when the movie really comes alive--those two kids enjoying their life. There are many moments like this that work as very powerful vignettes and rhe beautiful camerawork holding these scenes together really elevates this film.

    The characters and relationship dynamics had me fully invested. I only wish the sense of place had been…

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    Another classic off my list of shame. And a classic in every since of the word! I had so much fun with this one. The narration is perfect in setting the tone, the dialogue as cool and snappy as ever, and the performances are peak.

    The themes are masterfully conveyed here and the craft of storytelling marvelously presents a story about storytelling. The ageing and fading of a star is the quintessential Hollywood tale. The symbolism of the old car…