Captain Marvel ★★★★

Captain Marvel is a blast. Brie Larson is fantastic and her dry wit and delivery really gives Carol a unique style. I appreciate that the movie didn't lean into the fish out of water humor that the original Thor did. Instead, the fun is directly tied to the plot and mythos of the Kree and Skrull war and the MCU itself.

The de-aging CGI has come such a long way since Civil War and Ant-Man. It looks impeccable, though Coulson is a bit spotty in a couple places. The 90s is depicted wonderfully through the set design and soundtrack. The movie left me wanting to see a 90s era buddy comedy featuring Fury and Coulson. Better yet, a Men in Black crossover with them in 90s would be amazing.

Captain Marvel is super fun. I want to see more of Brie Larson in the role. I think Marvel Studios did a great job with their first woman-led super hero movie. I hope there's more to come.

Representation matters and I think entries like Black Panther and Captain Marvel are great strides for the MCU. On that note, as a cat lover, I'm also glad to see Captain Marvel being inclusive of cat people as well. Goose is awesome and I could watch an entire movie of Samuel L. Jackson playing with a cat.

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