Midsommar ★★★★

I am blown away by Ari Aster.

The first 10 minutes of Midsommar just reinforced what I already knew from Hereditary: Ari Aster is working on a level of emotional horror that is more effective on me than any other filmmaker working today. Emotional horror, psychological horror, whatever you want to call it, Ari Aster knows how to wield it to get the maximum reaction from the audience.

There are a few moments of gruesome violence that's focused on just enough to unsettle rather than titillate. Like Hereditary, the tension builds around the character relationships and their increased discomfort with where they are. It's highly effective as we follow Dani and Christian along on their troubled relationship.

The movie is stunning to look at. The wide open setting is filled with constant sunlight and works to make you feel uncomfortable, knowing there's something not quite right with everything.

Midsommar doesn't hit quite as hard as Hereditary did for me. But it's an immersive and subtle experience that's very different from Hereditary and confirms Aster as one of the most unique voices in horror today.

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