• Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Perfectly describes my problems with current US cinema, where directors tend to overcompensate any serious topic with insane comic relief in order to be more "appealing". Mindless entertainment full of cheap, immature gags really does make the most money🥴

  • Waiter



    Inventive, absurd and thought-provoking. Van Warmerdam has such a refreshing mind, except when it comes to social politics it seems! Screenplay would've been perfect, if it weren't for the racist motif that easily could've been cut (even without the plot being affected !!). Dutch culture is the worst.

  • Querelle



    Straight men finding out they have a prostate

  • Camille Claudel, 1915

    Camille Claudel, 1915


    Competent film, although it would've benefited from Jean-Luc Vincent's role being scrapped completely. Strong performance by Binoche, as usual!

  • A Touch of Sin

    A Touch of Sin


    Indeed, in some cases violence is very much justified 😔

    Zhangke is so great at telling these anthology stories! Love how he brought humanity to these four news items by putting things in perspective

  • The Woman Who Left

    The Woman Who Left


    Charo Santos-Concio 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺

  • Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

    Once Upon a Time in Anatolia


    Ceylan deserves so much more recognition for being one of the greatest screenwriters of our time, perhaps even all time.

  • Venus in Fur

    Venus in Fur


    Emmanuelle Seigner is one of the most charming actresses out there. Too bad she's married to that man and almost exclusively stars in his films :(

  • Grigris



    A pretty standard narrative that's elevated by its casting, character writing and setting. With a stunning debut performance from Souleymane Démé. The scene with the women is so beautiful <3

  • Tuesday, After Christmas

    Tuesday, After Christmas


    So voyeuristic and naturalistic, it's almost like you're watching a Big Brother livestream. Mirela Oprisor deserved a lot more love for her performance!

  • Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises


    Steven Knight and screenwriting just don't go together well!

  • Wild Grass

    Wild Grass


    Never thought I'd hate a Resnais film this much...