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  • Poltergeist




    Wait never mind there was still 20 minutes to go and nope

  • David Byrne's American Utopia

    David Byrne's American Utopia


    This is how you do the filming of a theatrical event. Absolutely elevates the performance and becomes something completely different and original.

    David Byrne is such an underrated vocalist. Completely effortless. The band is so god damn tight and together. Percussion section is fucking insanely tight. Six people playing one drum part is impressive and shows how intensely talented all of the drummers David has worked with in the past are.

    Spike Lee even manages to leave his imprint.

    The natural evolution of Stop Making Sense.

    Thank you David Byrne

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  • The Master

    The Master



    This movie is... a mess?

    Hoffman is electric holy shit and Phoenix... brings a lot of intensity? 

    Other than that nothing stood out and wow it’s incoherent at times imo 

    Maybe PTA just isn’t for me

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems



    Adam Sandler was great of course and Julia Fox is my new celebrity crush

    I feel like the pacing was at the same time beautifully frenetic but there was a good chunk (the whole weeknd scene) where nothing was really going on

    If that scene didn’t exist I think the movie would be better 

    That being said KG still got it and the ending is insane and enthralling

    Good but not great!