Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★½

Word of mouth is so odd sometimes. Wish I didn’t go into this with the impression that left on me, because it just felt pretty underwhelming. For a movie that seems to be self-aware and modern, I can’t comprehend how frequently it moves against its grain. There certainly is fun to be had, but it is almost always undercut by how serious it tries to be and it seems to spend the entire duration recovering from the atmosphere it created. For a murder mystery, I found it pretty hilarious how none of the details in this story even matter or how stupefyingly underdeveloped the characters turn out to be. Also, find it funny how Davidson is all over the gossip for this movie when he barely makes an impression compared to his costars. 

Saving graces are the direction and clever use of lighting, (great moment early on where the lights go out and characters get illuminated by the backlight of each other's phones) and the score which had the energy that deserved to be matched. Maybe that is my biggest issue though. It doesn’t come close to quenching the appetite that it created. We circumvent this circle of upper-class assholes and find out that they all do nothing except talk mad shit on each other, and then people happen to die in the background. An oddity of party culture critiques that ends up being as transparent and dull at the center as the people it wants to poke fun at. 

Just seems like everything I heard about this one was blown out of proportion. This is what Agatha Christie would write if she was addicted to xanax and TikTok. Just not my thing.

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